A 38-9 (Pramāṇavārttikaṭīkā)

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Manuscript culture infobox

Filmed in: A 38/9
Title: [Pramāṇavārttikaṭīkā]
Dimensions: 55 x 4 cm x 24 folios
Material: palm-leaf
Condition: damaged
Scripts: Transitional Gupta; none
Languages: Sanskrit
Subjects: Bauddha; Darśana
Acc No.: NAK 1/1697
Remarks: Śākyabuddhi's commentary on the Pramāṇavārttika; = A 1335/9

Reel No. A 38-9

Title [Pramāṇavārttikaṭīkā of Śākyabuddhi]

Remarks A commentary by Śākyabuddhi on the Pramāṇavārttika of Dharmakīrti. re-photographed as A 1335-9 (Pramāṇavārttikaṭīkā)

Subject Buddhist logic

Language Sanskrit

Manuscript Details

Script Transitional Gupta

Material palm-leaf

State fragmentary and damaged

Size 55 x 4 cm

Folios 24

Lines per Folio 5–9

Foliation lost

Place of Deposit NAK

Accession No. 1-1697

Manuscript Features

This manuscript was written not much later than the 9th century.


[Full transcript is available in Inami, et al. 1992.]

Microfilm Details

Reel No. A 38-9

Date of Filming 22 September, 1970

Exposures 29

Used Copy Berlin

Type of Film Positive


  • The title card photographed in this reel is defective. The accession number is erroneously recorded as 4/169. The title is, inheriting the title in the Sūcīpattra (kasyacit kārikārūpagranthasya vyākhyā), variously spelled as kācit kārikā vyākhyā, kācita kārikā vyākhyā, kācitakārikāvyākhyā.
  • Colour slides S 614/8-S 619/1 belong to this manuscript.

Catalogued by KH

Date 17 February, 2011


M. Inami, K. Matsuda, and T. Tani. A Study of the Pramāṇavārttikaṭīkā by Śākyabuddhi from the National Archives Collection, Kathmandu, Part 1, Sanskrit Fragments Transcribed. The Toyo Bunko. Tokyo 1992.