A 932-5 Śabdalakṣaṇavivaraṇapañjikā

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Filmed in: A 932/5
Title: Śabdalakṣaṇavivaraṇapañjikā
Dimensions: 55 x 5 cm x 101 folios
Material: paper?
Scripts: Transitional Gupta
Languages: Sanskrit
Subjects: Vyākaraṇa
Date: SAM 2005
Acc No.: NAK 4/311
Remarks: Apart from two more fragments of commentaries on the Cāndravyākaraṇa, there are two incomplete MSS of the Cāndravṛtti appended to this MS. The date 2005 could be misread for Nepalsamvat 205. This colophon seems to have got lost. See also A 38/4.

Reel No. A 932-5

Title Śabdalakṣaṇavivaraṇapañjikā