A 1-4 Śivadharma

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Manuscript culture infobox

Filmed in: A 1/3
Title: Śivadharma
Dimensions: 58.5 x 5.5 cm x 200 folios
Material: paper?
Condition: damaged
Scripts: Newari
Languages: Sanskrit
Subjects: Āgama
Date: NS 321
Acc No.: NAK 5/737
Remarks: or Śivadharmottara*8; A 1081/5-1; = A 3/3

Reel No. A 1-4

Title Śivadharma

Remarks retake on A 3-3

Microfilm Details

Reel No. A 1-4

Date of Filming not indicated

Exposures 187

Used Copy Berlin (scan)

Type of Film positive